TOMORROW December 8, from 6pm to 8pm, join us at Oyoun in Berlin where our artistic director Tatiana Bazzichelli will moderate the panel "She, He, and It : Discussing AI and journalism from a global South perspective" with Hadi al-Khatib (Mnemonic/Syrian Archive), Dr Milagros Miceli (Weizenbaum Institut) and Nadine Moawad, co-founder of feminist collective Nasawiya. The panel will discuss the impact of AI on journalism in authoritarian systems, the status of evidence images, feminist movements in the MENA region, as well as the labor conditions behind it:

"Together we name, shame and jail the bad guys in the society." Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Re-watch the keynote with Stephanie Busari here:

"In the keynote "Corruption Unveiled: Austria's Troublesome Path from Strache to Kurz" Julian Hessenthaler, better known for the that brought down the Austrian government in 2019, talks for the first time about his position and the harassment he has suffered following his revelations. Watch the conversation with investigative journalist Frederik Obermaier:

It's a wrap! The conference came to and end yesterday. Thank you everyone!
You can re-watch all the panel & keynotes here
In the coming weeks we will post more higlights from the important contributions of our speakers. Stay tuned!


the final keynote of the conference "Undercover: Combating Organised Crime in Africa" with Anas Aremeyaw Anas (Investigative Journalist, GH). Moderated by Stephanie Busari (Senior Editor for Africa, CNN, UK/NG).

Watch the live and ask questions:


PANEL: "Politics, Money & Rifles: Exposing Global Mafias, Authoritarian Power & Corruption"
with Vincenzo Musacchio (Criminologist, IT), Dritan Zagani (Whistleblower, Former Anti-Drugs Police Officer, AL), Pleurad Xhafa (Artist & Activist, AL), Andrea Dip (Investigative Journalist & Researcher, BR/DE), Anton Radniankou (Chair of the Board, Center for New Ideas, BY/PL). Moderated by Verena Zoppei (Advisor, Anti-Corruption & Integrity, GIZ, IT/DE).

Watch the live and ask questions:


PANEL: "Narconomics: Transnational Drug Trafficking & Corruption" with with Stevan Dojčinović (Investigative Reporter & Editor, OCCRP, SRB), Floriana Bulfon (Investigative Journalist, IT), Shehryar Fazli (Author & Senior Policy Advisor, Open Society–Asia Pacific, UK). Moderated by Denisse Rodriguez Olivari (Researcher, School of Transnational Governance, EUI, PE/IT).

Watch the live:

Live streaming today at 8pm: "What is the purpose of if you are not allowed to publish ?" with @smaurizi, Christian Mihr of Reporters Without Borders Germany, and John Goetz.

Watch the streaming here:

The conference is starting this week! Join the conversation on Nov 24-26 in and online. Explore the complex world of crime, corruption, , business and through panels, workshops, and performances curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli and Mauro Mondello. Learn more and secure your spot now:

The performance by Pleurad Xhafa is an invitation to reflect on the topic of organised crime & corruption in .

To experience the performance join us at the conference, 24-25 November in .

Learn more:

The panel of 25 November with Criminologist Vincenzo Musacchio, Chair of the Board, Center for New Ideas Anton Radniankou, Investigative Journalist Andrea Dip, Artist & Activist Pleurad Xhafa & Former Anti-Drugs Police Office Dritan Zagani moderated by Anti-Corruption & Integrity Advisor Verena Zoppei, will connect different organised crime & corruption strategies from the local to the global.

conference, 24-26 November in & streaming. Learn more:

In the keynote "Undercover: Combating Organised Crime in Africa", moderated by CNN journalist Stephanie Busari, Ghanaian undercover investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, impelled by his mantra to name, shame, and jail, will present the mechanics of undercover and sting operations through heart-rending stories.

Learn more on the 25 November keynote of conference, and secure your spot now:

In the panel "Narconomics: Transnational Drug Trafficking & Corruption" Floriana Bulfon, Stevan Dojčinović, and Shehryar Fazli
moderated by Denisse Rodriguez Olivari will discuss how drugs are trafficked with crime groups involved becoming more specialised and more fully interconnected.

Join conference on 24-25 November, in and online. Learn more and get your ticket now:

In the opening keynote of the conference Julian Hessenthaler, the private detective who triggered the , delves into the issues of power and abuse of power in the state of Austria with Frederik Obermaier, one of the journalists to whom he leaked the video.

The conference is taking place in & online, 24-26 November, 2023.

Learn more and get ticket now:

Yesterday in , we had the meet-up with Julia Auf dem Brinke from Corruption Tracker, talking about arms trade and corruption. Thank you to all who attended last night at ACUD MACHT NEU.

We look forward to your attendance at the conference on 24th, 25th and 26th November, where Julia will conduct a workshop concerning corruption and international arms trade.

For further details, please visit:

is the most corrupt business sector globally and it undermines good governance, drains resources from the people, and drives conflicts across the world.

Nov 2: meet-up in with Julia Auf dem Brinke of Corruption Tracker.

Learn more and secure your spot now:

In times of and , we must understand and confront and organised crime in governments and systems of power. Let's dig in together! Check out the full programme of : A Global Business, 24-26 November, in & online:

1 MONTH to our next conference: : A Global Business, Nov 24-26 in & Streaming.

To study corruption we need to analyse the relationships between organised crime, institutions & the private sector.

Learn more and get tickets now:

If you want to investigate how organised crime groups operate you need to learn how to think like one of them. "Think Like a Criminal" workshop with Stevan Dojčinović will take place Nov 26, part of the conference.

Limited spots!

Learn more and secure your spot now:

Ghanaian undercover investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas is a modern-day crime fighter. He exposes corruption and helps the police arrest some of the worst criminals in Africa. He is our Saturday keynote speaker at the conference, 24-26 November, in Berlin & online. Learn more and get your ticket now:

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