Schrodinger's Frozen Pizza, in which a pizza is simultaneously frozen in the middle or totally burnt but you have no way of knowing until you open the oven.

Found myself in a queue at a kiosk in the airport just now wearing the exact same outfit buying the exact same Gatorade as the guy ahead of me in line. The cashier did a double take. I said "I'm a glitch in the matrix" and raised my eyebrows.

There is only self-interest.

Everything else is window-dressing.

If early humans were carried into our era I wonder if one of the biggest cultural disconnects wouldn't be how we view nature - animals, generally, as pets or friends (not enemies); the environment as something to be directed and subsumed (not tolerated and survived).

After the Repubs exhaust themselves fighting over who should be speaker, the deal to be cut is quite straightforward: Dems identify 5 GOP willing to work with them who are planning on retiring at the end of the Congress, cut a deal for Ukraine aid and a few other redlines, commit to not running against the next GOP candidate in their districts, and support one of them to be speaker to run the House on a "confidence and supply" basis for key votes.

Or, we could have months of chaos where nothing gets done.

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My landlord sent me an email that they had to inspect my apartment for lead paint. I asked them if that meant I should stop licking the walls. They have not yet replied.

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Midwestern droughts have reduced the flow of the Mississippi. Groundwater depletion has caused coastal land to sink below sea level. Sea-temperature increases raised the sea level in the Gulf. The result: rising ocean waters are out-competing the Mississippi flow, pushing up the riverbed, and will reach New Orleans’ water treatment plant. The city’s water supply will be undrinkable, while the salt leaches poisons out of lead pipes. They have one month.

We did this.

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These drawings are created by raking leaves. Every fall Nikola Faller, academic sculptor and land artist creates these magic images.

I dunno what's so special about this. If you did it to Matt Gaetz he'd hire you as his intern...

For a long time, Mueller believed her only valuable contribution to the world was financial. Then, in 1984, after purchasing her first golden retriever, she was sure she’d found the perfect vessel for her mission to achieve world peace. That realization came one afternoon when her young niece came into the room and abruptly squeezed the dog’s testicles. The retriever didn’t defend himself, nor did he even flinch. That’s when Mueller knew: “They’re extra special.”

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The only thing more disappointing than that moment you discover the tooth fairy is not real is that moment your child discovers the tooth fairy is not real.

I felt a moment of sadness for the Namibian rugby team (71-3 vs New Zealand) and then I remembered they look like this:

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While history often remembers John Brown’s assault on the Federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, it forgets 5 Black Americans who joined him, including a man named Dangerfield Newby. Dangerfield Newby’s motivation for joining Brown was rooted in his love for his family,. His story is a powerful reminder of the enduring struggle for freedom by ordinary people. They are worthy of remembering.

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