GOP playing into Biden's hands with their catcalls. Nicely done.

Can you see this man delivering this speech in three years? In five?

(albeit with an opening for a future movie in which they try again, after agreeing a pact to protect their unique access to a resource, which again undermines Killmonger's revolutionary aspirations)?

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So, unpopular opinion, but having just watched I have to say I kinda hate both that and . Here's why - in Black Panther, I felt like Killmonger was actually - right? His plan to share Wakanda's technology with people of African descent around the world to help them conquer their oppressors - was morally justifiable and would have righted the scales of history. But instead we get cooperation with the colonizers and the subversion of revolution. And then, in Wakanda Forever, two unique civilizations exist separate from the colonized world - the citizens of one of which literally saw their parents enslaved by the Conquistadors - and the plot has them fight one another instead of team up to create a new world order based on anticolonialism

Sent my ex an email about a logistical issue, got an angry email back demanding I take the photo of us together off my profile that showed up in her inbox. Uh... yeah... that's... not on my end... lolz. :0520:

Yes absolutely - I've long argued that denying the right to is a form of - forcing a woman to carry a physical and psychic burden at risk to her life and against her will. While I'm skeptical the US justice system will hold up this argument, great to see a federal judge make it:

Business idea: A boutique dog name consultancy. I will research your dog's breed, your family history, and interview your family about their favorite fictional or entertainment characters, then will propose three names for your pet, all of which will be Babbington, Geldof, or Spot.

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The situation in Florida - the authoritarian takeover of education, the escalating reactionary campaign to stifle, censor, and ban any dissent from the white nationalist worldview - is a proper democratic emergency.

So far, the response has been utterly inadequate.

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Just figured out that the Sonos stereo player I've had for years can be voice activated. "Hey, check this out," I say to the dog. "Sonos, play classical music!" He looks at me expectantly. Nothing else happens. "Hey Sonos, play classical music!" I say, more loudly in the direction of the speaker. The dog tilts his head to see who I'm talking to. Hayden suddenly blares across the room. "Cool, huh?" I yell to him above the symphonic din. He curls up in a ball on the sofa unimpressed. "Hey Sonos, volume down," I shout. The music retreats into a background feature. The dog shuts his eyes and goes to sleep. "Ta-da!" I mutter, and turn off the light, leaving the dog to Hayden.

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“If NASA is Amtrak in space, then SpaceX is the Fyre Festival with rockets, a glamorous effort led by a hype man who promises that every logistical problem will melt away if we can just get people to the destination.”

#BARS! I’m reading this piece making the case against human exploration of #Mars, and it’s crushing my childhood dreams and also making too much sense. This line above though! Have you read the piece?

#space #nasa #spaceexploration

"One crisp spring evening, the Wasteland Theatre Company gathered to rehearse Romeo and Juliet. Jonathan “Bram” Thomas was playing Romeo. A self-confessed Shakespeare geek, he’d graduated with a BA in theatre, and this wasn’t his first time playing one half of the star-crossed lovers. But it was the first time a mutant scorpion the size of a Jeep had rampaged on to his stage."

--What an awesome lede to a story about a traveling theater company that performs . Oh, and if you're wondering where they could possibly travel that mutant scorpions the size of Jeeps are a problem, let's just say the territory they cover is massive - and multiplayer.

I wish i could tell you what the first run of the day in fresh powder is like. The mountain takes you in its arms, the wind rushes in your ears, you let yourself sail as if on the edge of an unstoppable wave, and, for a few minutes, nothing is impossible.

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oh my gollygosh, this is awesome. And I say that as someone who absolutely detested . Couldn't even make it through the first 30 minutes.

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Never heard of the TV show before. JFC that first scene.

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@mattsheffield I’m Irish - over here we are still trying to disentangle church and state (when we won our independence we immediately became a quasi-theocracy, which worked out about as well as you would expect). I’m always surprised that the US, founded as a secular state (under God, but not too specific about it), is moving towards positions we in Ireland have spent the last 30 or so years trying to escape.

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