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Uno dei momenti apice del #WCCJ sarà l'assemblea tematica Social Ecology, Eco-Marxism, Green Anarchism Compared: Towards an Anticapitalist Synthesis, nella quale si cercherà di confrontare e trovare una sintesi fra tre delle maggiori ondate del radicalismo ambientalista.
Curata da @alexfoti , se ne parlerà con ospiti da Common Ecologies, Ums Ganze, Climaximo e Fight the Fire, e la ricercatrice Selva Varengo. new site - fight for climate justice - join the revolution against fossil capital

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Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr has indicted 61 people on charges of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in Fulton County.

The indictment includes 42 people previously charged with "terrorism" for allegedly participating in the movement to #StopCopCity, 3 people accused of distributing handbills, and 3 people charged for organizing legal support for activists. The only thing that connects the indictees is that they have been arrested or detained at some point, however randomly, and accused of protesting against the government's plan to destroy the Weelaunee Forest in order to build a police militarization compound.

The Fulton County prosecutor already withdrew from all cases related to the police training compound in June; likewise, the judge assigned this case immediately recused himself today.

Fulton County now has two competing RICO cases—one against Donald Trump, one against those accused of protesting the construction of the police training center—the former prosecuted by the county District Attorney, a Democrat, and the latter by the state Attorney General, a Republican.

This clumsily constructed case represents politically driven repression aimed at all forms of activism, in the style of Vladimir Putin.


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Una internazionale ecologista che condivida obiettivi strategici comuni, al fine di contrastare più efficacemente le scellerate politiche di chi dice di governare a nostro nome, l'ignobile sistema capitalista che sostiene di essere il migliore possibile, e l'asservito "progressismo" delle maggiori forze istituzionali di sinistra.

Per questo ci riuniremo a Milano dal 12 al 15 Ottobre, contro il capitalismo fossile e la repressione dei movimenti ecologisti!

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Il Congresso Mondiale per la Giustizia Climatica (World Congress for Climate Justice) si terrà a Milano dal 12 al 15 ottobre. Sarà ospitato dall’Università Statale di Milano e in parte dallo Spazio
Pubblico Autogestito Leoncavallo.

World Congress for Climate Justice - the poster

WCCJ 12-15 OCT
World Congress for Climate Justice a Milano The First International of Climate Anticapitalism - Milan, October 12-15
these the collectives coming
here how you can help us bring activists from Africa and the Americas

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Surprisingly prompt law enforcement led to a small debacle with the X sign at the Twitter headquarters Musk will almost certainly abandon at some point.

The more serious story is how it reflects his absolute contempt for law, and for people who are adversely affected by his flighty practices.

Let's focus on that, shall we?

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🌹 Comrades that lived with Sehid Elefteria form Hambach Forest shared their memories of the heval

Lobo was without a doubt the bravest person I have ever met. For security reasons details will be spared on a public forum but we are aware of their involvement in some of the harshest and most catastrophic blows to those involved in the destruction of the earth and those perpetuating fascist ideologies in Europe in the last decade.

Lobo was an exceptionally intelligent human being. I met her in Hambacher Forst, where we quickly gravitated to each other. e spent many days fighting, and many nights dreaming of a better world. We spent many weeks plotting and discovering ways to keep battling against RWE. She was by far my best accomplice in the woods...

Read the full text. (

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🧵NEW: a thread on Nahel. French Algerian boy who loves rugby and wanted to be a mechanic. Killed by the police at 17 years old. #SayTheirNames

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