Fediverse Observer checks all servers in the fediverse and gives you an easy way to find a home using a map or list.

Fediverse Servers Status. Find a Fediverse server to sign up for, find one close to you!



I have no idea what this song is about or what they're saying, but the main performer is the Pope and he's singing and dancing and drinking beer.

Modeled temperature anomaly in Europe for today (June 19th 2022). Average of +10/16°C compared to historical averages.


> 'smart' chastity belts get hacked and users aren't unable to open them

That's what I call a DDoP (Distributed Denial of Penis)

Refugees: Going through hell | DW Documentary

Many people try to reach Europe through Niger and Libya and across the Mediterranean. But they are exploited and abused along the entire route, and often don...


Obbligatorio l'uso del mannaggia dalle 18 in poi

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