Could you suggest a nice and free XMPP client for iOS with encryption support? Except Monal and Siskin.
And a good server to subscribe? Thx.

Maybe I’ll try an Amiga emulator for for casual gaming. UAE or the newer one?

Il soccorso umanitario non è favoreggiamento all’immigrazione clandestina

@claudiom hey, weren’t you on IRC right a couple of seconds ago?!😅

@solene Hello, Solène. I just wanted to ask you: how often should one using -current make a sysupgrade -s, in your opinion? And doing that is enough or should I do also other things?

The self teaching book I bought on Internet should arrive in a month or so. In the meanwhile I’m trying other approaches to learn this new language. Got a lot of inspiring videos on YouTube. Wonder which is the better approach for me.

Finally got wifi connection with my HP Mini, thx to a TP-Link USB nano adaptor (as the internal card’s chipset doesn’t work with ) and the help of some great guys on a Matrix chat.😎

Immagino dovrò cominciare a usare git e compilare da me i pacchetti... uff...

Also, (version 6) can’t open Parser.h when compiling my text adventure in Italian...

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Ok. Got -current working on my HP Mini, except wireless.

A program which (at the moment?) can’t be installed is . Does anyone know a good and lightweight taskbar suitable for use with ?

Well, thx to the great help of some people in a Matrix room, I manage to install -current on my HP Mini, yesterday evening.🎉🎊
Unfortunately the OS does not recognize the wireless card so I need an Ethernet cable, and there’s a weird behavior during boot, but it seems to run quite fine.
Now I must install all the orher software and backup my old files.

Ok. On this HP Mini 210 nor -stable nor -current seem to be installable, nor from USB pen nor from SD card.

Tried also a nightly build of and it SEEMS to boot, so I think I’ll install it instead of even if I would definitely prefer the latter...

It seems I’ll have problems. This is what I get when trying to install from the SD card.

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New toy to play with : HP Mini 210 1035eg. Let’s see if I can have it working.

Ok, tried installing into a SD card. The can boot from there, so it actually may be a viable solution to install into the card and use the HD only for /home.

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