Ok, CLI mail client needed:
- Unicode support
- attachments
- Gmail support, including their mail directories (yes, I know...)
- lightweight

or ? POP or IMAP?

Strange, anyway: after a failed attempt to upgrade, wifi doesn’t work, even if you reset the pc. You really need to turn it off.

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Oddly, wifi is working now, even if I did nothing. I just powered the pc after one day.
Now let’s try sysupgrade again.

As wifi doesn’t work anymore, I decided to put install68.img on my USB pen and attempted to try the upgrade from there. Nope. Same errors.
I can’t even fux the error in the HD.
So now I’m stuck with 6.7 and can’t connect to the net.😰😭


And also an error on the disk! Crap...😭 Ok, I’m definitely stuck.

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Ok, got a new message during sysupgrade: /autoinstall cannot create /mnt/etc/rc.firstinstall

Could anyone help?

Found on the net to do syspatch -R, then syspatch. It doesn’t work. Tried sysmerge, no errors. Still, uname -a gives 6.7.😭

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Can’t upgrade?!
sysupgrade downloads the sets and installs, but then it’s still 6.7...
And syspatch tells me it cannot “apply patches while reirder_kernel is running”😭

Ma gli asintomatici, quanto infettivi sono? E per quanto? E le ricadute?

So, 6.8 is out. In a few days I’ll try my first upgrade.

“La scuola non è il virus”
“La DAD non è la scuola”

Corollario: la DAD è il virus.

Mezzo per scherzo, ovviamente. Ma ricordo che il sessismo non viene solo dall’uso di parole declinate al maschile o al femminile. Ci sono anche lingue che non hanno genere eppure il sessismo spunta fuori lo stesso nel comportamento delle persone.

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Propongo la ‘u’ come lettera finale per indicare un genere neutro o non specificato. Sia singolare che plurale.

Food for thought shitpost adult terms and four letter words. 

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