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As an advocacy group or a small political organization, you may want to have a look at this tool by @chobeat to automate your communication campaigns and event planning


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🔍💼 Check out the DSA Stakeholder Event where our director Marc Faddoul sheds light on the role of Adversarial Audits in #AlgorithmicAccountability!


🗣️“Most of the algorithmic harms happen at the margins & cannot necessarily be seen in aggregate statistics provided by companies' risk assessment reports. Analysing individual personalisation dynamics for the most vulnerable users is key to preventing harms.”

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What if LLMs, diffusion models and other generative technologies were put at the service of communities and workers?

What if the governance of technology belonged to those who make it and those who use it instead of a few CEOs somewhere in California?

On September 28, a new path opens. We will get together in the Austrian Alps to figure out how to put generative algorithms at the service of the commons, freeing them from private ownership and capitalist control.

With CCA I am organizing this three-day event to bring together devs, sociologists, tech journalists, trade unionists, designers and policy-makers to widen that path that so many people want to walk today, leading to a future where technology is democratic and at the service of people.

Plus there will be food, drinks and hikes in the mountains.


Do you want to unionize but you live in bumblefuck nowhere? Do you want to meet other tech workers tired of doing bullshit at work? Do you want to quit the startup world and join a cooperative?

📣 📣 Then come at the Tech Workers Coalition Onboarding Meeting this upcoming Thursday at 5pm PT!

Come talk about TWC, ongoing projects, and how to get involved!

Tech won't save us! Organize!

(sorry for Zoom, not my choice)

Tech bros will be like: "I totally need this life-extending supplement, I want to live longer" and then they go to work everyday

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🚀 Reflecting on a productive week focused on enhancing discussions on Bonfire!

Here our major improvements:

✨ Give a title to your discussions
📊 View discussion metrics for better insights
🔍 Read discussions seamlessly with an optimised legibility experience
✏️ Bonus: Edit posts!

Next week, we'll focus on federating threads and iterate with the community to squash bugs and enhance user experience. Join the campground and let's dive into the conversation!


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Let's just say the blunt truth here:

It's not going to be Meta or Project 92 or whatever that kills fedi, it's the fact that every time anyone suggests a way in which normal people can use it in the same way that normal people use social networks, the entire network shits the bed and starts screaming about keeping the outsiders out

But then also the same people heap judgment on people for still using Twitter when Twitter actually gives them what they want

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A great article delving into the power of fractal software to empower organizations in post-capitalist worlds and imagining how Bonfire can benefit from adopting the fractal knowledge model itself.

#FractalSoftware #Bonfire #PostCapitalism #FutureOrganizations

Fractal Softwares for Fractal Futures

"Most digital systems are engineered. Some, though, are discovered, because they are based on the laws of the physical world, on some established structure in our brain or on our social structures. One such case seems to be Notion, a popular software that keeps growing its user base."


Stay tuned!

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Google’s vision for the future of search shows how generative AI is all about increasing corporate power.

Instead of sending you to different websites, Google has scraped the open web to generate plagiarized answers to keep you looking at ads on Google. We need to stop being distracted by AI hype and fantasies about intelligent machines, so we can push back on the real threats before it’s too late.

#google #tech #search #ai #chatbot #googleio

At @aiforensics_org we are hiring a DEV! Come help us investigate social media platforms and LLMs.

💰 3700€/month gross
📍 Full Remote
🔎 Mobile Testing Infrastructure, Mobile Automation, Android, Reverse Engineering, REST, Python/JS/TS

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This week @emilymbender joins @parismarx to discuss why large language models and tools like ChatGPT are not intelligent and the dangers of thinking they are.

In this clip, Emily explains why we want to believe there’s meaning in ChatGPT’s text.

Full ep:

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Since the hype around AI accelerated, a lot of people have been looking for meaning in the text generated by large language models and tools like ChatGPT. But that doesn’t mean they’re intelligent, and there’s a real danger in thinking they are.

On #TechWontSaveUs, I spoke with @emilymbender about how these technologies work, why they don’t reflect how humans use language, but why we want to believe they’re talking to us.

#tech #ai #chatgpt #generativeai #llm #podcast

Immaginatevi un settantenne, appena andato in pensione, che è 50 anni che non presta attenzione ad un cazzo di niente e si rende conto che la società post-industriale sta collassando. Inizia a leggere un po' di collasso climatico e si dice: "eh certo che questa CO2 e tutta quella plastica nel mare... voglio fare qualcosa."

Sta lì al suo computer che inizia a fare due ricerchine per farsi un'idea, la prende con calma, si legge un po' di articoli ogni giorno, inizia a form- MA ECCO CHE SALGONO SUL RING GLI STARTUPPER. MA CHE COS'HANNO IN MANO? OMMIODDIO NO, I DANNI SOCIALI DELLE AI RELAZIONALI. IL POVERO PENSIONATO VIENE MASSACRATO A COLPI DI LLM E DEEPFAKE. LO PORTANO VIA IN BARELLA. CHE SPETTACOLO SIGNORI.

Allora, vorrei espormi pubblicamente per parlare molto male di @reclaimthetech@mastodon.unperché mi hanno dato spazio non per uno ma ben per due interventi. Non prenderei seriamente nessuno che faccia una scelta così scriteriata.

Il primo intervento sarà sulla storia del movimento dei tech worker e il secondo sul design organizzativo. Maggiori dettagli quando il programma sarà pubblicato.

Se volete venire a sentirmi o a sentire uno dei tanti altri interventi, ci vediamo a Bologna il 5, 6 e 7. Ci sarà anche tanta gente di @twcitalia quindi portate in dono tante banane e tute dell'adidas.

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Perché RTT?

La tecnologia non è neutra, ma riflette le dinamiche che l’hanno creata. La rivoluzione digitale riflette e amplifica il dominio capitalista e patriarcale sulle tecnologie, che si traduce in ingiustizie digitali, sociali e di genere.

Noi vogliamo stare dentro, contro e oltre la tecnologia per conoscerla meglio, attaccare le grandi piattaforme e immaginare tecnologie alternative.

Unisciti a noi e segui l'evento!

#tecnologia #giustiziasociale #RTT #festival #giustiziadigitale

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Since our initial announcement, Bandcamp leadership has hired Foley & Lardner LLP, who have begun engaging in union busting by arbitrarily delaying our union election and arguing for the exclusion of 8 workers from our bargaining unit. We know that delays to this process only provide space for additional union busting in order to delay or disrupt having to listen to our collective voice at the bargaining table.

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