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BREAKING: Today Amsterdam introduced 30 kmh (20 mph) maximum speed limits on most streets, citing increased road safety, reduced pollution, lower noise levels, and fewer injuries/casualties. 20-30% fewer accidents, predicts the Vice Mayor. Via @copenhenken #Amsterdam #Dutch

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Gli Stati Uniti si sono fatti carico unilateralmente grazie al potere di veto della tremenda responsabilità di concorso in genocidio, pulizia etnica e crimini di guerra. Un grande assist a Putin, Hamas, stati canaglia e dittature. Una pagina buia della storia, che va in direzione contraria di ogni principio di democrazia e di civiltà del diritto.

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Don't sleep on these first results from the world's largest universal basic income experiment ever. (23,000 cash recipients with 5,000 getting UBI for 12 years)

1. Entrepreneurship skyrocketed thanks to the UBI functioning as both startup capital and spending power for people to be customers at those businesses.


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"Il fascismo sta cercando di rialzare la testa.
Posso dirlo con cognizione di causa perché io il fascismo l’ho visto in faccia.
Lo abbiamo visto in faccia.
E lo abbiamo sconfitto".
Per questo oggi l’Italia è antifascista.
Per legge, non per opinione.

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A reminder: When that major security bug shows up in one of your dependencies, and you need to ship a fix right now, that's not the time to discover you're 3 years and 6 API-breaking changes behind the version that has the fix.

Upgrade your dependencies when you don't *have* to. That way, when it is critical, it will be fast and low-risk.

This is *especially* true about that risky upgrade you've been avoiding. Take the hit now when you can schedule it. Don't let others schedule it for you.

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Every feature, from the blinding single-bar headlight, to the battering ram hood, is deadly to anyone outside it.

How To Build a Car That Kills People: The Cybertruck

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lmao i love tech journalism: the industry’s bullshit never materialized, but wait… it might next year!

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The nice thing about cars is you can address so many societal problems by hating them. Climate change? For sure. Road violence? That too. Social isolation? Yes. Economic disparity? Housing density? Unsustainable infrastructure? Harm to animals? Attack ‘em all with this one weird trick. #WarOnCars

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@willowbl00 - tbh I'd first be looking at whether crime is actually the issue in your neighbourhood, or whether the issue is panic and fear (usually driven by media reports and used by politicians to instill fear and gather votes).

If the issue is crime, you then need to look at what crimes to work out the best ideas to counter it.

If the issue is fear (it usually is) then looking at ways to make people feel safer will help more than steps to counter crime - this could be anything from better lighting in certain places through to activities like street parties to foster neighbourhood connection and relationship.

You might want to read more about the restorative justice model, it talks about how crime is fractures in relationships (between the offender and victim, but also between the offender and the community, and between the offender and themself).. and how a big step forward in treating crime is to repair those relationships.

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IMPORTANT: Whether or not people bike-ride in winter isn’t determined by winter weather or temperatures.

Should I repeat that?

Bike-riding in winter IS determined by whether there’s a safe, protected bike infrastructure network, and smart snow clearance.

WATCH, via @notjustbikes

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This graph of solar PV installations up to the present vs. past predictions is… incredible.

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Recall: in Oct Herzog said Israel planned to collectively punish Palestinians: “It is an entire nation out there that is responsible."

Netanyahu said Gazans wd pay a “huge price” for Oct 7 & IDF wd turn areas “into rubble.”

ret Maj. Gen. Eiland: “Israel has no choice but to turn Gaza into a place...temporarily or permanently impossible to live” "Creating a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza is a necessary means to achieving the goal” “Gaza will become a place where no human being can exist"

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How to describe Kissinger, according to major news organizations:

BBC: "sometimes controversial"

Reuters: "diplomat and Nobel winner"

CNN: "a dominating and polarizing force"

Politico: "America's most famous diplomat"

NBC News: "former US Secretary of State"

NYT: "shaped Cold War history"

Wall Street Journal: "helped forge US Policy"

AP News: "ex-secretary of state"

CNBC: "towering American diplomat"

ABC News: "former secretary of state and presidential advisor"

France 24: "giant of statecraft"

The Hill: "American dipolomat"

Washington Post: "shaped world affairs under two presidents"

NPR: "..." [updated to: "legendary diplomat and foreign policy scholar"]

COWARDS. All of you. THIS is a headline:

Rolling Stone: "War Criminal Beloved by America's Ruling Class"

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This is the first time (for me) that The Timeline here on Mastodon has really felt like “old Twitter”, with everyone experiencing the same bit of world news at once, and relentlessly goofing on it.
I’ve missed this.

Especially glad it was for such good news—rest in piss, Henry!

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“Why Must Palestinians Audition for Your Empathy?”

Please watch this short piece by Hala Alyan.

Full Transcript:

Have you ever felt like you had to audition for empathy? Like you had to prove that you or your community deserve compassion?

In the last few weeks, I’ve watched Palestinians from all walks of life try to prove they deserve humanity.

I’ve watched them beg for fair news coverage, get interrupted or silenced on air. I’ve watched them create infographics, summarize history, organize teach-ins to try to earn solidarity for thousands and thousands of dead, innocent civilians.

As of this morning, over 10,000. Over 4,000 children killed. An estimated 1,000 more under rubble. I’ve watched the very number of their dead be questioned.

I don’t hesitate for a second to condemn the killing of any innocent life, any civilian. This, of course, includes Jewish life. This, of course, includes October 7. It includes every day before that, it includes every day since.

Condemning innocent killings is the easiest ask in the world.

And that’s exactly why I say: condemn brutal acts, condemn murder, condemn oppression, condemn violence, condemn war crimes, condemn human rights violations, and notice if it feels harder to condemn these things when they happen to certain people, certain lives, certain communities.

The reality is we are all brought up within narratives about the world and our place in it. None of us are immune to that. Our responsibility is to hold those narratives up to the light, to interrogate them, to see where we might be often unintentionally, often subconsciously, engaging in the dehumanization of other people.

What do you believe about who deserves to be protected?

Who deserves to be mourned? Who deserves to be believed?

Whose deaths, whose loses, whose griefs are framed in passive language spoken of as inevitable, seen as necessary or permissible?

The task of radical empathy is to sit with these questions both for ourselves and for people with less power and agency than us. It’s difficult work for all of us but more necessary than ever.

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È ufficialmente iniziata quella stagione in cui l'automobilista medio perde più tempo a sbrinare il parabrezza dell'auto di quanto ne impieghi io a raggiungere il luogo di lavoro in bicicletta.

In bici sarestə già arrivatə!

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