I talk with the brilliant Brendan Nyhan (@BrendanNyhan) about his new paper on Facebook and the 2020 elections, echo chambers, ideological polarization and tons of other good stuff on Reimagining the Internet: publicinfrastructure.org/podca

Journalists and the public are being shut out of the most important antitrust trial of the century.

The court needs to stand up for the public’s right of access, not defer to big tech companies. freedom.press/news/secrecy-und

#ActivityPub is the default social networking protocol because we took the time to standardise it at the W3C.

You don't have to be part of the W3C to build on top of ActivityPub. You can make extensions and new applications without ever dealing with a formalised standards organisation.

But the benefit of having the W3C behind us is crystal clear. There have been dozens of distributed social networks, and none has gotten as much traction as AP and AS2.

The EFF has updated its Privacy Badger browser extension to block the latest techniques used by Google to track users who click on links in Google Search results, Maps, Gmail, Docs, etc.


Passkeys on GitHub are live! github.blog/2023-09-21-passkey

Ditch those passwords and secure your account with the latest and greatest, y'all. 🎉

"Understanding online history can be particularly difficult because many sites have long-since disappeared. However, archiving efforts like those of the Internet Archive and the National Library of Australia make it possible to look back and see how much things have changed, what concerns are familiar, and remember the everyday people who helped transform the internet from a niche academic network to a mass medium." - Kieran Hegarty in The Conversation: theconversation.com/30-years-o

I migliori metodi per misurare i fenomeni meteorologici e i cambiamenti climatici saranno al centro delle giornate di studio che dal 22 al 30 settembre vedranno scienziati provenienti dai cinque continenti riuniti a Torino per sessioni scientifiche, meeting internazionali e progetti.
L'occasione sarà la quarta conferenza "Metrology for Meteorology and Climate", ospitata all'Inrim (Istituto nazionale di ricerca metrologica) e alla Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi (Torino).

Encryption enables confidential communication & sustains our capacity to work, organise, socialise & love.

🚨On 26 Sept, EDRi will bring key experts to Brussels to share their knowledge & explore how encryption allows us to live safely & with dignity. edri.org/take-action/events/sa

@signalapp @Mer__edith @CommissionerHR, @dunja_mijatovic & @epfl @carmelatroncoso @LaQuadrature Beatriz Ramalho da Silva @lhreports Bart Staszewski, Basta!Fundacja

Happy #SoftwareFreedom Day!
We are celebrating it today in:

🇩🇪 Berlin
📍Meeting in Kieztreff Undine from 15h

🇮🇹 Nembro
📚 Reading of 'Ada & Zangemann' in Italian (and with 🍧). From 14:45h

è uscito lo studio su consumo di carne ed emissioni di gas serra cui accennavo nel mio post precedente.


rinnovo l'esortazione...

mangiate meno carne!

Being able to reuse.software easily is important, and headers for #FreeSoftware licences and the rights holders that can be parsed by code are helpful and more precise than doing it manually. However for #Go their package repository (pkg.go.dev/ ) is not yet REUSE compatible. That is a drawback for code repos that want to fully use REUSE. Help the #FSFE to improve the situation, lists.fsfe.org/pipermail/discu (at least like the request). 👍 😀

Open source P2P alternative to Slack and Discord built on Tor and IPFS
L: github.com/TryQuiet/quiet
C: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3
posted on 2023.09.12 at 02:29:08 (c=0, p=4)

📢Terremoto in Marocco: si può dare una mano aiutando a mappare il territorio da remoto


When the algorithm finds an ideal candidate for a position, it does not reset the list of remaining candidates before commencing the search to fill the next vacancy. Thus, those candidates who missed out on the first role that matched their preferences are definitively discarded from the pool of available teachers, with no possibility of employment. The algorithm classes those discarded teachers as “drop-outs”, ignoring the possibility of matching them with new vacancies algorithmwatch.org/en/algorith

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