contributors: you have the power to take action today to respond to the Facebook acquisition.

Check out these two scripts to get your full-res photos back and delete them from their archive:

- Take Out script:

- Exit Mapillary script:

Don't let lucrate on your original content. Claim back your photos and remove them from their database.

@danielinux fuck yes! I was so pissed the other day when they announced their decision to sell out, but I didn't know what to do! Thank you for sharing these scripts

it doesn't make sense, license already allowed Facebook to use it. it doesn't change anything. open means open to everyone, even those we don't like.

@jibec All I did was sharing these tools that were available. I am not a contributor myself, and I did not read their terms of services for usage and content submission.

Do you mean that Facebook automatically acquired copyrights also on all the content?

Does removing the photos from the server not terminate the right of using those (commercially or not) on the platform in the future altogether?

@danielinux I don't know, that's a fair point, as I trust the people who did this software, I'll do it too... but 61000 pictures takes a while :p

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