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According to @danmcquillan, author of the book Resisting AI - An Anti-fascist Approach to Artificial Intelligence, it's no time to chat with AI, but to resist it.

Meet him at the conference, March 25-26, in Berlin and online.
Learn more and get tickets now: bit.ly/dnl29.

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"Don't oil fry aubergines, bake/dry-roast/dry-fry them" is the biggest lie in the history of cooking. Don't do it. Fry them in lots of oil. They taste 100000 times better.

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There is no such thing as a “job creator.” There are employers, who hire employees, *because they need them*. And then employers pay the employees less than the value they generate. That’s the system. How did we get to the point at which people behave as if the wealthy are giving a gift to working people? I realize it’s not a new attitude, but it remains proudly f’d up.

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PSA to all admins: I highly recommend a #FediBlock of #mastinator (ie. the entire mastinator.com domain).

Mastinator is a service that allows a person to anonymously follow people on the fediverse. No big deal you think? Your public posts are probably already anonymously viewable from your public profile anyways and all it is doing is aggregating public info? That is what its creator claims---it is just a convenience service!

Well no, it is mode concerning than that. It does this aggregation by following any account a mastinator user types into its service then replicating *all* your non-DM posts into a sort of "proxy inbox" in the mastinator.com domain that is completely out of your control and viewable by everyone!

In other words, if you are followed by mastinator.com it effectively turns your follower-only posts into public posts and lets people you have blocked keep following you by following the mastinator replica of your posts!

Innocent intentions or not this violates user consent.

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If you are curious about leaving the cooked turkey site and going to the elephant site, here are some important tips:

1. It sucks. But then, so does every site.

2. You can still shitpost. Take great glee.

3. Picking your server instance is super important.

Ideally you should start at a large instance, and leave because it's full of white suburban NIMBY shitheads who joined in November because they were promised 0 uncomfortable experiences in their lives and lash out when this turns out not to be the case.

Then you move to a smaller server where suddenly you can't talk to your friends because the admin of your instance is feuding with the admin of their instance. Then you wait a month before you can move again.

In this regard, the feudal structure of Mastodon instances is very like early 2000s message boards, whenever the admin got drunk and deleted the site.

4. You can work around the feudalism by running Mastodon yourself. It's the size of a mastodon and costs a fortune.

You can run Pleroma, which is smaller, and is also favoured by Nazis for unfortunate historical reasons. Pleroma is perfectly good software that fulfils a need for something smaller than Mastodon, but also the devs are definitely not Nazis but are the other ten guys at the table.

There was a hilarious moment where the guy behind Spinster was so obnoxious he got kicked out of Pleroma and did his own fork called Soapbox/Rebased. He is now known as Soapbox Terf.

The nice people went to Pleroma fork Akkoma, which Soapbox Terf calls the "tr***y server", a review I understand they were delighted by. Try that.

There's also Misskey, which is a bit weird and Japanese, and supports cat ears right there in the protocol.

5. Any bozo who makes assertions about the Fediverse that assume it all runs on the rules of mastodon.social is one of the suburban NIMBYs and invariably joined in November. Block and don't look back.

6. If anyone annoys you about your posting, you can improve their feed for them by blocking them from ever seeing your posts. The blocking tools are marvellous.

7. There are NO QUOTE TWEETS on Mastodon and anyone who wants QUOTE TWEETS is an invader, pollutant and corrupting influence despoiling the suburban vistas of Mastodon who only wants quote tweets so they can wreak EVIL.

So quote-tweeting is well supported in Akkoma and the Calckey fork of Misskey, is in live trials in the Treehouse fork of Mastodon, and will be coming to more Fediverse software soon.

8. In Mastodon, Eugen Rochko has achieved the creation of something greater than himself. And he will *never forgive it*.

9. The Fediverse interprets Website Boy as damage and routes around him.

10. Mastodon is yet another demonstration that worse is better. So come onto Mastodon, and *be* that worse.

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Moderation notice:

We decided to silence the mastodon.se instance.

Their admin is as per the receipts adamant that sweden democrats should be able to use his instance.

The issue which he is skirting around is this.

The sweden democrats were formed by none other Gustaf Ekström, a former member of the nazi Schutzstaffeln.

This isnt your ordinary alt-right, these are their role-models and ideologues.

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Stolen from bird site screenshot w/o description:

"The #COVID lockdown has demonstrated 3 things:

* Our economy collapses as soon as it stops selling useless stuff to over-indebted people

* It is perfectly possible to reduce pollution

* The lowest paid people in the country are essential to its functioning"

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Have a look at this map of all the Jubilee Parties.
No, wait. That's a map of all the food banks.

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violent persecution of queer people 

At malobeo (Kamenzer Straße 38) there will be KüfA and a film screening on the 7th of June, starting at 6PM.

About the film: "Since 2017, the fascist leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has been conducting a heinous operation to „blood cleanse“ Chechens by overseeing a state campaign against queers for their detention, torture, and execution. Over a hundred men (?) have been abducted, and at least three victims have died."

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violent persecution of queer people 

"The persecution of lesbians and trans*people has been quieter. Worldwide judgment has been weak. Not to mention actual help.

It was activists from the Russian LGBT network who took high risks of repression to seek out queer Chechens, smuggle them out of the country and build a network of safe houses in Russia. The input focuses on the outstanding and life-saving work of the activists."


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Your daily reminder that you don’t have to debate assholes. Just block them and be done with it. You’re not a douchebag whisperer.

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This shit is crazy: how do you NOT share food with your guests? :blob_dizzy_face:

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Bojafauss & Furious
Vin Diesel scopre la viabilità torinese.

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chatting with a guy at mcdonald's wiping down tables, says he's been here almost 12 hours cuz someone didn't show up, says he usually works in the back. 50 years old, been working at this same location for 25 years. says he has to be back here at midnight (it's noon rn) to unload ~2100 cases from a truck all by himself. used to be a truck driver but had to quit because of vision problems

anyways fuck work, fuck jobs, fuck the usa and fuck everyone who's fought to keep it this way

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