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Allə utentə programmatorə :laptop_parrot: :

cosa consigliereste a una persona che vorrebbe imparare a programmare come sbocco lavorativo?

Esistono corsi qualificanti?
Roba con tirocinio e possibili sbocchi?

Come si fa?

Ditemi, grazie assa' :blobmiou:

Boost graditi :boost_ok:

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Toh! Un'istanza creata da un comune italiano? video.comune.trento.it/ Se così ben venga! Fornire servizi pubblici grazie al anziché appoggiarsi a servizi commerciali esteri che poi non si può più abbandonare é cosa più che gradita! @gubi @maupao

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Ma Hypnoprogram é uno spettacolo! Si tratta di un generatore di immagini basato su chiavi testuali: tu scrivi una frase o delle parole a caso ed il programma, dopo aver fatto una ricerca per immagini, genererà un'opera ottenuta mashuppandole! I risultati sono una sorta di incubo onirico-surrealista con sprazzi da avanguardia artistica novecentesca. In una parola: STUPENDE. 😯 hypnogram.xyz/ (NB: è un po lento e può metterci anche due minuti a generare l'immagine finale)

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aaron swartz remembrance day, sui ment., US justice system, pol, maia, boosts ok 

it's aaron swartz remembrance day today and i feel like i should use this to talk about something i think about a lot and that i think should be more widely talked about.

aaron's death was murder. it's as simple as that. the way the us justice system deals with hackers and other "national security threats" (and just the US justice system in general) is explicitly to break people. it's psychological torture intended to either make you bend to their will, off yourself or just become a psychological wreck that is no longer a risk to the system. i don't think it's really possible to understand this until you're subjected to it yourself, and unfortunately i'm subject to a small degree of the same pressure.

the main weapon the US justice system uses to break people is uncertainty, you don't know what's going to happen to you, you don't know when it's going to happen to you and you might just not hear anything for a year. but during that entire time you're aware of the fact that the US may be watching you at all times, they can use all tools at their disposal and anything you say or do can and probably will be used against you in your case. i'm still not entirely sure how good it is for me to talk about this stuff, i'd talk about it a lot more often if i knew (or not at all). they also break you with the conscious misunderstanding of facts, of what you've done, the fact that they do not care about the publics opinion, they make it very clear that they can do with you whatever they want. this all on top of the usual pressure such as like the prospect of the actual sentence itself, the money this kind of case requires, the constant fear of losing even more, not knowing when and if ever you can freely speak and travel again, not knowing when your last free day for the next two decades will be and the painful realization that there is absolutely no guarantee that there isn't just another sealed indictment waiting for you around the corner.

it's hard not to break under this pressure. i fully understand the decision of everyone who broke under this, rest in peace aaron, rest in peace kevin, rest in peace everyone i forgot about. i will try my best not to break, purely out of spite, out of anger in the name of everyone who broke before and because i have the small advantage of not actually being in the US. but let me tell you, if i do break, please don't hold it against me, understand that this is not something any human should ever have to go through, no matter what they may or may not have done.

this is not a call for sympathy, this is a call for anger.

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:squat: :squat: :squat: :squat:

:socialiststar: Nuova okkupazione a Torino in Via Bersezio 3 ! :socialiststar:

un gruppo di persone oggi ha liberato
la casa di via bersezio 3
dietro i giardini di via como
in zona Aurora

contro sgomberi
contro frontiere
contro ogni forma di repressione

riprendiamoci gli spazi !!!

si invita ogni persona a seguire tutte le prossime iniziative per aiutare a dar vita forza e partecipazione

stay tuned on rbo & gancio

#nuovaoccupazione #squat #torino

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Today, on things that only work on Chrome (or derivative) because your devs are fucken bastich, I give you:

Fedex payment - try to pay with Firefox on Linux and everything will be refused, with an unspecified "technical error" no matter what payment method is selected. Try to pay using Chrome on Android and, presto! Everything works!

Netdata with obvious display bugs in Firefox, while something based on WebKitGTK (Gnome Web) works.

I want things that work on ALL browsers, goshdarnit!!

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A Chrome dev talking about putting an RSS reader in Chrome, concludes their comment with "We've been working on this for a while & I'm super excited to hear what people think."

We haven't forgotten what happened to Reader. That's what we think.

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can't believe small business owners have the balls to say that they can't hire because people had it too easy this past year. vro you are lucky we are not covering you in tar and throwing you in the ocean

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#OtD 11 Sep 1946 homeless WWII ex-servicemen and their families squatted the 630-room Ivanhoe Hotel in Bloomsbury, London. Police blockaded the hotel, so supporters had to throw food and bedding to the families inside.

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haters and trolls want you to believe that there's no such thing as exotic british food. funny how none of them can explain this:

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#OtD 10 Aug 1944 15 Italian resistance partisans were executed in Milan's Piazzale Loreto by order of the Gestapo, and their bodies put on display for 14 hours. A few months later Mussolini was executed by the resistance and hung up in the same square.

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"Me choosing stack overflow answers"

submitted by unnombreguay

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The Pegasus project

Spyware leak suggests lawyers and activists at risk across globe
A leak of phone data suggests human rights lawyers, activists and dissidents across the globe were selected as possible candidates for invasive surveillance through their phones.

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