One of the fundamental errors of our moment is the idea that #programming is primarily a scientific activity. Its important that we remind ourselves that it is truly more art than #science in order to assume an antagonistic distance from those who presume to speak from positions of scientific objectivity while equating the scientific production of knowlege with what is in actuality commodity production.

This assumed equality of the incentives of commodity production & science is precisely the ideology of #ElonMusk & #tech billionaires. Its the same ideology that dominates a moment in history characterized by total neglect towards threats of existential proportions, where we sail head first towards the worst of possible worlds, not out of necessity, but due to the absolute greed and nihilism of those with wealth and power. I have no doubt that if every decent #hacker were given control of our time & provided the resources we need, we could autonomously and adaptively solve the climate crisis, rather than waste away creating meaningless webapps that are the result of the galaxy brained thought experiments of reactionary dude-bros at #vc incubators. But not its bcs we're scientific, although we employ cutting edge science as means to ends; no, its rather
because we're crafty.

As hackers, you are rarely either scientists or engineers, but rather writers producing some of the most novel writing of your time, a truly new writing uniquely suited to collaboration; writing that allows wordsmiths to amass infrastructure from mere letters & words, granted adequate time. You're not engineers, but artists alienated under capital. #Haskell & #Agda programmers are not mathematicians, but rather poets among mathematics. Despite claims that Haskell shines in authoring compilers, the move of #Idris2 & #Unison to #Scheme suggests that type theory is perhaps too constraining for long term compiler development. Typed functional programming is writing in a constrained style -- poetry amongst programs -- programs that get down to the rithm of #formalism. Haskell isnt for writing programs like Idris2, but rather for those like #TidalCycles. Its simply that our idiom discourages creativity, so we play along to survive.

#WalterBenjamin described circumstances such as ours as "the aestheticization of politics", which was, according to him, the only trait to distinguish fascism from capitalism. Our only hope would be for the text workers of the world to unite.

"waah waaah mastodon is slow and glitchy sometimes, how can you bear it"

bitch I grew up with dial up. I scrolled endlessly through the hampster dance, half the jpegs broken. I spent an hour looking for and downloading a simple mp3. I waited my 54 minutes to continue watching a ropey stream of true blood with unsynced audio. I still use tumblr. you are like tiny baby

Per i fascisti di oggi e di ieri l'umiliazione è sempre stata parte del metodo educativo e di repressione.

O vi siete già dimenticati l'olio di ricino somministrato a forza a bambini e dissidenti politici e i capelli rasati a zero all'ingresso nei campi di concentramento?

@scaramouche88 @mad77 @Guardamiinfaccia @NicholasLaney

«Ahahah meraviglioso. Sì è stata colpa mia!

Avevo passato un anno a Roma per l'università, così avevo imparato un po' di italiano, ma non tantissimo. Poi incontrai la mia ragazza (ora moglie) negli USA, pure lei aveva fatto una scuola a Roma e a Firenze.

Il programmatore capo di Critical Path chiese ad alcuni di noi di lasciare dei messaggi segreti. Probabilmente ce ne sono altri nascosti. È un po' imbarazzante, un messaggio da un me precedente!

Sono felice che tu l'abbia trovato.»

Tech Workers Coalition Italia è parte di un movimento internazionale che va dagli USA all'India e in forme molto meno visibili è presente anche in Cina, Giappone e Russia.

Se vi interessa approfondire come la parte occidentale di questo movimento ha avuto origine in USA, vi segnaliamo questo articolo di Ben Tarnoff sull'argomento.

It's fucking amazing how most of liberal media in the west is just ignoring protests in #Belarus or report them in the most innocent way happening. What is happening is a bloody uprising against dictatorship! @rapitadaglialieni Pensavo di fare una compilation dei soli pezzi dissonanti dei Sonic youth da pompare a tutto volume, il buon vecchio Thurston Moore apprezzerebbe.


Il fangue dinte vene fai

fono folo anche quando è fempre fabato

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