My older relatives keep telling me I should get a part-time job during winter break and it's little things like these that make me realize how disconnected boomers are from modern society cause there is literally no part time job on earth that will hire someone who's only going to be there for a month, unless it's insanely dangerous, stupendously illegal, rapaciously exploitive, or some combination of the three.

The parable of the wealthy West's approach to the climate crisis:

So we're all living in a house that came with a shared account. We've noticed that the account is already in the red and will hit its limit in 20 weeks or so. If that happens we lose the house

There's one guy who's been spending $50 a day on just about whatever he felt like (threw much of it away when it bored him)
Most everyone else has spent about $5 a day for decades on only basic necessities
They just started plans to buy a few more things

Now this guy tells everyone we need to go to 0 spending in just a few months time
His plan: He will slowly spend less, maybe buying a few things on sale and maybe go down to $30 or so in ten weeks time (and he'll be hoarding food for himself all along the way)
Everyone else he says needs to go to 0 spending at about the same pace and he doesn't really care that they have almost nothing now and won't be able to afford even the bare necessities

Also he's perfectly happy to pass the house laden with debt and with nothing in the account to the next tenants when he moves on


I see way too many people asking around about DNS redirects recently. Those people are exactly the reason why I think #DoH is the right approach.

Regular setup: "I want to redirect all #DNS requests to my local DNS resolver and block #DoT" -> Results in ugly firewall rules to redirect DNS traffic on port 53 and blocks 853.

This means whatever "regular" DNS sever you set in your configs, will be ignored. Except you use DoH and this way bypass their #firewall and verify the resolver.

long_running_command ; [Ctrl-Z] ; bg ; disown ; screen ; reptyr $( pidof long_running_command ) # Suspend and reattach a process within screen.

idk what you're all talking about, boomer comics rock actually

"Ci sono persone che tutti i giorni lottano". non parla di sé, ma della sua missione, dei migranti in pericolo. E ringrazia i tanti italiani che lottano "per dare una prospettiva umana a tutto ciò". Com'è semplice, restare umani.

Mercoledì @ ex caserma sani

“Psichedelia e controculture: Gli interessi in comune a Xm… 11 anni dopo”

l’autore Vanni Santoni ne discute con Tobia d’Onofrio autore di “Rave New World” curatore di “Voglio vedere dio in faccia”

Una vivace chiacchierata con chi scrive e racconta le storie di una generazione struggente piena di formidabili geni. Di iniziazioni negate, adolescenze eterne, scomparsa dall’orizzonte dell’opzione rivoluzionaria e conseguente “fuga” nelle sottoculture… Sottoculture che però, sotto la cenere, possono covare ancora il fuoco delle controcultura e della ribellione.”

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Dalla ex caserma Sani solidarietà antifascista
In piazza c'eravamo tutte/i, complici e solidali con i compagni colpiti da divieti di dimora e repressione.



this actually has existed as patches to linux

projects like openmosix and kerrighed did this kind of stuff but stopped actively being developed around a decade ago

Friedrich Engels: Since 1845 Marx and I have held the view that one of the ultimate results of the future proletarian revolution will be the gradual dissolution of the political organisation known by the name of state. The main object of this organisation has always been to secure, by armed force, the economic oppression of the labouring majority by the minority which alone possesses wealth.

Anyone know if there is a contacts app for Linux that supports tags in Google Contacts? I need to get off using google contacts but all my contacts are meticulously tagged and the only app I know that also supports it is Contacts+ that is now an expensive proprietary piece of shit.

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