The UK Govt: adequacy is at the heart of our approach, we're having very positive talks with the EU about our data protection reform.

In the meanwhile, the EU:

I asked ChatGPT, a new OpenAI chatbot, to write me a poem about "a stressed data protection officer struggling to deal with international data transfers under the GDPR."

I then suggested my own version, and it provided another in response.

The results are pretty interesting. Some slightly off rhymes, and it doesn't quite scan (unlike my masterpiece).

Also, the first poem assumed the DPO was a "he". I used "she" in my response, and the AI switched to "she" in its reply.

"Instead of listening to their people's protests the Chinese Government has chosen to crack down further," Mr Sunak helpfully explains in a lovely crisp bow tie.

In other news ...

“It has not escaped the notice of Chinese protesters that the technologies developed to track people’s movements — in the name of battling #Covid — could well outlast the pandemic and become a permanent and sinister method of political and social control.”

the funniest thing about "modern" AI is that it's all just perceptrons, an area of research that was basically completely dead ended by the 1970s and has only had trivial mathematical improvements since then

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AI is a completely fake idea. but its really good at bilking venture capitalists of their money so it's impossible to say if it's bad or not

3) as always, the Scarfolk council provides a spot-on “the right to protest in the UK for dummies” explainer.

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2) “despite showing police her press credentials, they handcuffed her “almost immediately.” Police confiscated her phone and searched her twice before holding her in a cell for five hours without questioning, she said”. But of course, that was a “mistake”

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1) Spot the differences:
- BBC journalist detained by Chinese police during anti-govt protests.
- LBC journalist detained by British police during climate protests on suspicion of “conspiracy to commit a public nuisance.”

Your shopping history is being used for targeted advertising on retail platforms. It’s big money and growing. This data can reveal more about you than you might think.

Our @marianods warns that shoppers haven't given informed consent for this new wave of behavioural profiling.

#adtech #privacy #digitalrights

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Former PM Silvio Berlusconi and his judicial affairs 'seen from a feminist perspective' become the protagonists of a stage musical that will debut in London theatres in 2023.

Needless to say, adequacy is not at the heart of the UK data protection reform, but is rather being used to wipe out a lower body part of our honourable UK Ministers.

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I don't envy UK civil servants having to stick to the Ministerial lie that “adequacy is at the heart” of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, while our Prime Minister makes the rounds saying “well... we don't actually want to cooperate with these Europeans at all”.
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Rishi Sunak - "Under my leadership the United Kingdom will not pursue any relationship with Europe.. I believe in brexit... & brexit is already …

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Thinking of flying the nest? We’re running a Mastodon webinar for NGOs, non-profits, campaigners and politicians tommorrow at 15:30 GMT.

Due to popular demand, we're also livestreaming the event on our Youtube channel. Subscribe now.

In case you were wondering the mess Twitter is in….👇👇👇👇👇👇

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📣 Come and join us for this exciting event if you’re in Brussels on Thursday 17 November.

Our very own @ds_m4riano will be on the panel 👇🏽

Interesting side-effect of the chaos over at Twitter; if the main European establishment is no longer in Ireland, that could open the floodgates for GDPR enforcement across the EU.

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