For more than a day now, 88 people on board await a safe port to disembark. 68 of our guests are unaccompanied minors. The weather is picking up and high waves are making people seasick. We need a safe port, Now!

🔴88 people rescued from rubber boat. Early this morning @alarm_phone informed us about the people in distress. After several hours of search and a difficult rescue, due to the fast approach of a vessel from so called Libyan coast guard, everyone is now on board the

The has reached the area of operation. In Solidarity with everyone on the move we're ready to respond to any boat in distress. Borders kill.

The Louise Michel is back in the central Mediterranean. As fascists are rising in Italy and elsewhere, solidarity and anti-fascist action is more important than ever.

We are getting ready for the next rotation. Soon the will be back in the , one of the deadliest borders in the world. We stand in full Solidarity with all people on the move, and against deadly border policies. Freedom of movement for all! Borders kill!

“This video was made by a group of migrant woman in Lesvos, telling about the realities of their life in one of many prison camps in Greece“Solidarity with all people on the move!

RT iuventa-CrewIn the war against people on the move, there is always one step further to go. While the European population remains silent and normalises the deaths at sea, militias hired by European governments start shooting. Externalization of homicide.

Re 2/2 If you feel like joining, or know someone who always wanted to sail on a pink ship, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our crewing team:

1/2 For our next Rotation we are looking for two additional crewmember.To complete our already lovely crew we still need:- Chief Mate (500+GT) - A person with a watchkeeping license (STCW II/4), could fulfill different positions: SIB driver, galley, medic, deck…)

RT Alarm Phone✨ CAPTAIN SUPPORT ✨A new platform in solidarity with people criminalised for driving boats across the Mediterranean Sea. Affected people can ask for alternative legal support and receive info about their rights here👇

Re 4/4 This system is cruel and inhuman. It's about time that we start to protect human lives, human dignity and freedom, instead of borders.

Re 3/4 We saw how European authorities cooperate with armed groups from Libya, groups that are trained to violently and illegally prevent people from reaching Europe. While Europe ‘protects’ its borders in this way, the Mediterranean Sea remains one of the world's deadliest borders.

Re 2/4 Also thanks to the cooperation with @seawatchcrew. Once again we witnessed how crucial the is, as European states brutally fight against people on the move and shamelessly ignore human rights.

1/4 After eventful weeks, the is back in Spain, where our maintenance crew are busy preparing the ship for the next rescue operation. We are happy that 224 people could eventually be brought to a in Europe, after four rescue operations.

"Today more than 400 people have arrived in , in 17 different landings, from . They say they do not know any other way to get to , how to get a visa, and to try to have a future. We call for legal and dignified access routes. "Mediterranean Hope: Oggi a sono arrivate oltre 400 persone, in 17 diversi approdi, dalla . Dicono che non conoscono un altro modo per arrivare in , ottenere un visto, provare qui ad avere un futuro. Chiediamo vie di accesso legali e dignitose.

Call for Crew! The Louise Michel is taking applications for bridge crew for our next rescue operation. If you have an Master or Chief Mate license (500+ GT) please contact our crewing team:

Call for Crew! The Louise Michel is taking applications for bridge crew for our next rescue operation. If you have an unlimited (+500 GT) Master or Chief Mate license please contact our crewing team

Re 4/4: We leave the area with hearts full of rage at a system that forces people to the sea and letting them die every day But we will be back soon. And we will always stand in Solidarity with everyone on the move!

Re 3/4: At the same time we know of several boats that have been violently pulled back to Libya. We fear that over 30 lives were lost yesterday during a dramatic rescue from @MSF_Sea, while up to 40 people died from police violence in .

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