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La Mezzaluna rossa Kurdistan Italia ha lanciato una raccolta fondi straordinaria per supportare le attività nei territori colpiti dal terremoto.

Donazione sul sito:
– donazione immediata PayPal:
– bonifico bancario su c/c:
Conto: 16990236
Intestato a:
IBAN: IT53 R050 1802 8000 0001 6990 236
Causale: Terremoto

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Per informazioni aggiornate
sulla situazione in Rojava
(e Kurdistan tutto)

Qui su mastodon bida bot di SDF
Syrian Democratic Forces @sdf_press

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Rete Kurdistan Italia

Ufficio di Informazione del Kurdistan in Italia

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Agenzie Curde

ANF News

Ahval News


Account su nitter

Rojava Information Center

Davide Grasso

There are many reasons to loathe Amazon but closing DPReview with no plan for archival is now on my top 5 list. If you're not a photographer it might sound like a big deal but that site is the most comprehensive & informative collection of camera knowledge that exists in addition to being a still-thriving community. Every time I get new gear I literally spend hours on it researching. This is such a gut punch for anyone who needs to understand their equipment. #photography

Alongside the ongoing antiauthoritarian New Year, Newroz/Nowruz events (dedicated thread exclusively for this Newroz/Nowruz worldwide) the many months long protests and uprisings against the Iran-regime sparked by the murder of Jîna/Mahsa Amini also of course continue.
Here's two videos from tonight Mahabad in Rojhelat/NW Iran.
The feminist antiauthoritarian slogan "Women! Life! Freedom".

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Finally someone whose job it is bothers to comment, after like 4 months. Today from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights,
"Iran: Deliberate poisoning of schoolgirls further evidence of continuous violence against women and girls"
Don't know where they're getting their numbers from though, as they're many times lower than even the ones in the brief news agency pieces over a month ago. Very odd.

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newroz massacre (turkey-occupied syria) 

"Four civilians lost their lives in Janders district [of Turkey-occupied Syria], by the bullets of the Turkish occupation mercenaries while they lit the Newroz fire on the roof of their house."

WARNING: article contains pictures of the dead.

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This photograph from last week protest in Bordeaux (France) should be a punk album cover

And the evening/night's protests and uprisings against the Iran-regime have kicked off.
Now in Bukan, Rojhelat/NW Iran (~30km N of Jîna Amini's hometown Saqqez).

With that, I start a new thread for my now prooobably over 30000 (I lost count at over 20k) linked-together posts just on the protests and uprisings against the Iran-regime sparked by the murder of Jîna/Mahsa Amini.

I somehow want to remind you that I have no personal connections to Kurdistan, Iran, Turkey, etc, etc.
By anyone's definitions I am just about as "Swedish" as it gets and have no "family" or "friendship" ties to the the areas.

I currently focus mainly on those areas because I consider it a human obligation to amplify the most silenced and oppressed, whilst I happen to have followed the areas for that very reason more or less since the 80s.
If you agree, please join me in doing so.
Thank you.

My paternal grandmother was born in Berlin, Germany in 1900. She was, as was her whole family, Jewish. She was smart and driven. Had her own dressmaking shop by the time she was 25. But, the handwriting was on the wall, and she left home for New York in 1925. She learned English and worked as a dressmaker until she got married to an Italian immigrant she met in English language class. Some of her siblings stayed in Germany. Perished in the camps. Her youngest sister survived and came to America. But she was mentally damaged from that horror, attempted suicide at least once (had a scar around her neck) until she succeeded in drowning herself.

People talk about the horrors of fascism in the abstract. But for my family, it is very real. I think that we all need to speak about it.My generation, the grandchildren of the victims of the Nazis, is old now. I try to tell this story as often as I can.

The decision to pass modest sums out to working people to prevent them from starving or losing their homes during the covid lockdowns made the right furious, especially #inflation hawks who insist that any improvement in everyday people's material lives will transform America into an amateur revival of Weimar, complete with wheelbarrows full of useless bank-notes.


Armi, il muro di gomma di Leonardo e Rheinmetall

Alle assemblee annuali, i colossi delle armi Leonardo e Rheinmetall hanno risposto in modo evasivo alle domande degli azionisti critici

Reticenza. Questa è la cifra delle risposte delle due aziende di armamenti, l’italiana Leonardo Spa e la tedesca Rheinmetall, su cui svolgiamo azionariato critico. Le domande sono state, al solito, molto chiare e circostanziate......

Mastodon server operators should form a legal defense union, pooling resources and funds for collective defense against warrants and subpoenas from the government and from litigious far-right actors intent on abusing civil discovery.

- On February 21, our resistance positions near the Çemço region and Sîda village of Şêladize sub-district of Amediyê district were bombed 17 times with banned cannons containing phosphorus from tanks. At the same time, toxic fumes emitted by burning plastic materials and car tires were directed to resistance positions.


❗️Sinjar spy network, MIT and security conspiracy against Yazidis

“Operation Revenge” in Sinjar, like a storm wrapped the spy network of the MIT and its protection among the Yazidis, this joint network of PDK and the Turkish state, received orders from Ankara and prepared from Kurdistan Regional Government cities.


Sono fiero dell'amicizia che mi lega a @ValerioMinnella, uno che ha fatto la pace rischiando in prima persona, in galera e tra i terremotati del belice, impegnato in tante lotte sociali, politiche e civili che hanno fatto la storia d'Italia, un esempio di dignità e di etica nella lotta politica per tutti quelli che oggi fanno la guerra con la pelle degli altri sui social. Qui l'anteprima della sua autobiografia di prossima uscita, che consiglio vivamente.

"The 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadî' resistance, which started in Rojhilat Kurdistan and Iran, has been going on for five months."
The latest summary of some of the recent events:

(As in this article using "on the other hand" where it should be "meanwhile" or similar is a common translation error for these languages, so now you know. ;-/)

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Humanitarian aid sent from the people of the self-liberated North and East Syria ("Rojava") through the Autonomous Administration (AANES) and the Kurdish Red Crescent to their fellow earthquakes-hit neighbors in Assad-held and Turkey-occupied Syria as well as in Turkey keeps getting obstructed.

After 9 days of blocked passage a humanitarian aid convoy from AANES to Turkey-occupied NW Syria withdrew.

However, the AANES will continue trying to send aid to the neighbors hit by the earthquakes.

Meanwhile, Turkey's auxiliaries block those hit by the earthquakes from going to AANES's areas.

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Unidentified group in İstanbul opened fire on Alevi (religious minority) community's aid trucks for the earthquakes-hit southeastern Anatolia.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) crisis coordination center for earthquake relief in Pazarcık has been seized by the Turkish authorities and stormed by soldiers.
HDP co-chair commented "In the first two days after the earthquake, the police, government and military were nowhere to be seen. Now we see soldiers, law enforcement and local chiefs going there to raid warehouses and stop aid".

"A Summary of Background Information on the Earthquake in Kurdistan,
Turkey and Syria" by the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) including on the PKK's unilateral declaration of ceasefire with Turkey.

An explanation for why emergency response was so delayed:
Erodğan was outraged response started without dictator's decree.

Indigenous Kurds in Turkey-occupied Syria's Jandres do not get aid; the aid is only sent to settlers.

No electricity, water, heating or toilets in camps set up by the State of Turkey's AFAD and Turkish Red Crescent.

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