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(e Kurdistan tutto)

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La Mezzaluna rossa Kurdistan Italia ha lanciato una raccolta fondi straordinaria per supportare le attività nei territori colpiti dal terremoto.

Donazione sul sito:
– donazione immediata PayPal:
– bonifico bancario su c/c:
Conto: 16990236
Intestato a:
IBAN: IT53 R050 1802 8000 0001 6990 236
Causale: Terremoto

Russian forces have cleared their bases in the Shehba region

ANHA news agency reports that Russian forces have cleared their bases in Til Rifet in the Shehba region and around Mathaneya Feysel, the village of Kiştar in the Afrin region. This unusual measure should be followed with attention, since back in 2018, before the occupying Turkish state attacked the Afrin region, the Russian soldiers had also left their bases shortly before.


I do not easily make #fascism comparisons, but this video where the crowd chants for the execution of Selahattin #Demirtaş (imprisoned former co-president of the pro-#Kurdish #HDP) during #Erdoğan's electoral victory speech allows for making them. Tough days ahead for #Turkey. #TurkeyElections

Within the illegal occupation of Syria Turkey's auxiliaries arbitrarily killed one child and injured several others in their celebrations of Erdoğan's presidential Turkey-election victory.

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It’s been three hours and the “celebrations” are only getting louder. This is not your usual election victory celebration but they act like they won the war against an enemy. This is the mentality they’ve created in Turkey and I don’t know how this country will move forward with this psychology. #TurkeyElection

Also part of war criminal Erdoğan's "election" victory-declaration:
Aural torture pretended as "singing".

CW for the video:
It really, really is objectively horrible.

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I dati di affluenza al voto nei due turni nelle principali città curde occupate dalla Turchia mostrano in tutte un netto calo al secondo turno.

@sarajw That’s Turkey in a nutshell, sadly. Either Islamist or ultra nationalist. Take your pick. It sucks. But it’s nothing new. Those have been the only two options for as long as I’ve been alive (after the neoliberals fucked everything up, of course… sound familiar?)

Today is the day of the runoff presidential election in Turkey and the "first irregularities registered in Yalova" already.

It's... extremely unlikely that Erdoğan will lose, as the "former member" of Fascist party which was the one valid votes candidate which was eliminated at a bit over 5% in the first round endorsed Erdoğan for the final round and as Erdoğan through continuing cheating, coercion, corruption acquired almost 50% in the previous round and as the opposition candidate responded to the Fascist candidate's promise of endorsement for the one promising to specifically deport all Syrian refugees and eradication persecution of the anti-racist party (HDP) by issuing statements in that direction instead of campaigning by explaining why such polices that have been core pillars of Erdoğan's dictatorship are self-harming and horrible in general, those previously voting for the Fascist candidate are extremely unlikely to vote for the opposition candidate but that opposition candidate's previous voters are of course as a result just vastly more likely to see that the electoral system has nothing for them.

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The leader of the "People's Liberation Party" (Marxist-Leninist) faces 32 years imprisonment for supposedly "insulting the President" Erdoğan of Turkey.
Erdoğan meanwhile is an insult to humanity.

Il #28maggio 1974 la strage fascista di piazza della Loggia a #Brescia.

Una bomba nascosta in un cestino della spazzatura fu fatta esplodere durante una manifestazione antifascista.

L'attentato provocò la morte di 8 persone e il ferimento di altre 102.

L'audio del momento dell'esplosione...

Vandalizzata la tomba di Mahsa Amini.
Quando al regime dai fastidio anche da morta significa che un posto nella storia te lo sei ritagliato.

"SECONDO I DATI del ministero, il 42% dei medici assiste oltre 1500 cittadini, la soglia massima fissata per legge a cui però diverse regioni hanno dovuto derogare. In Lombardia si può arrivare fino a 1800 assistiti, in Alto-Adige addirittura a 2000, con inevitabili ricadute sull’assistenza. Secondo la Fimmg, sindacato che riunisce metà dei 40 mila medici di medicina generale, due milioni di italiani sono già privi di assistenza medica di base."

Del resto Giorgetti, quello intelligente della Lega, diceva che nessuno va più dal medico, basta cercare su internet

current slavery 

"Turkey ranks fifth in Global Slavery Index: Over 1.3 million living in modern slavery" according to study by "Walk Free" in Australia.

"It is estimated that 49.6 million people live in modern slavery today,
1 in 4 are children,
54% are women and girls,
27.6 million are in forced labour,
22 million are in forced marriage" according to the same.

It is the established phrasing, but "modern slavery" is unfortunately termed.
It is not "modern", it is contemporary.
We should strive to improve that inaccurate terminology, also as it should in turn contribute to ending what it describes.

Selon le Global Slavery Index 2023, on estime à 50 millions le nombre de personnes vivant en situation d'esclavage moderne dans le monde, dont plus de la moitié dans les pays du G20 ⤵️ 🎥@JustineGerardy Karl Kink #AFPTV #AFP

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