Please, join us tonight 20-00 London time.
with @bentarnoff and @museumofcare, @Graeber_social
We are going to have amazing Ben Tarnoff with us tonight

FULL RIVER RED by Yimou Zhang
Suddenly, at the very end of a luxurious and tiresome spectacle, it turns out that this is not about careers, that this is about sincere, human self-sacrifice, that we are present at the birth of sacred solidarity and poetic revolution, which has been with us for centuries and will remain with us for centuries.

The chief/ministerial/boss, up to a certain point, is above the fight, but he, too, proves later to be involved in the circus-wide scramble for power and dominance.

It isn't easy to understand the meaning of their pursuit. The warring parties are constantly changing: recent adversaries turn out to be allies, and allies easily go over to the enemy's side.

2/ Each dead man makes room in the hierarchy for someone else to climb up the ladder.
The action takes place in the closed space of an "institution," consisting of corridors, offices and one huge square, where thousands of soldiers stand waiting for orders.

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FULL RIVER RED by Yimou Zhang
Most of the movie looked like a Bullshits Job.
The employees of a giant company are racing through the hallways, killing each other with incredible brutality. When they stop cutting each other's throats even for a second, they start to passionately talk about who will get the next promotion.

8 pm tonight, please, join us for the discussion.
With great pleasure, I have reread On Art Activism
Groys. It's amazing how relevant Groys's text is now, exposing not even mistakes but some mere wounds in key ideas of what is art and what is politics.

Art factory, London:

Art enables us to play with the world as if this was an unlimited playground, it give us the option to play with the rules, to change them, to modify them and imagine solutions which our perception of reality/normality could sometimes limitate.

Art should be a direct driver of conversation, a space that provokes debate, that fosters change.

Art needs to use all its elements to strike the attention of our society towards a possible better future.

Getting ready to talk tomorrow with the wonderful curator - Sonja Lau, of an exhibition about divorce in which I recently participated.

2 years ago I talked to two students of @davidgraeber about our essay "Another art world"

🎙️Ep. 22 Is out! 🎙️ Nika Dubrovsky is an artist who believes everyone is an artist.

Meanwhile, Lenin about WW1:
“The conversion of the present imperialist war into a civil war is the only correct proletarian slogan, one that follows from the experience of the Commune.”

We started mastodon @graeber. social when the Twitter exodus ended with a conformist consensus -- keep business as usual.
Someday sociologists will calculate percentages of boldness and conformity.
The reality, however, is that until we invent surprising ways to create spaces outside of commercial social media, they will control us.

Preparing to participate in the Biennale in Timisoara, Romania:

In between scientific explorations and imaginative speculation, it touches upon stories of the unknown and the drive to change, adapt or subvert.

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