The Long History of Nobody Wants to Work Anymore


Accidentally installed GNU Guix on PinePhone Pro 😄

Just two days of constant kernel rebuilds, a few cross-compilation quirks fixes and here we go! :)

#pine #pine64 #pinephone #gnu #guix

We are am SO EXCITED to announce Spritely Goblins 0.10 from @spritelyinst (where I work and am CTO!)

0.10 is A HUGE release for Spritely Goblins! Updated docs, multiple interoperable implementations, live hacking is WAY easier, and more!

Secure distributed programming has never been easier or more fun!

OMG check it out!


Lavorate o avete lavorato nel settore culturale italiano?
Avete tempo solo fino a domani sera per compilare il questionario da noi creato per raccogliere informazioni su contratti e condizioni di lavoro👉

Oltre duemila risposte raccolte finora 1/2


fronte colpevole unico con l'orgasmo


The new Spain's "Trans Law" 🏳️‍⚧️ is historical. It doesn’t only improve rights for trans people but also for lesbian cis-women and intersex people.

I haven't read much info about it in English and I believe it’s such a good Christmas 🎁 for the LGBT community so I'll explain it 👇

Introductory material to organization design and process design in political organizations

After a suggestion from @entreprecariat I decided to ask Mastodon.

Let's see if Mastodon can make it happen.

I'm looking for material to give to young people to be more effective organizers in the spaces in which they do politics.

For the theoretical part I'm covered but I need stuff for those that are still unaware of the fact that nobody has a fucking clue of what they are doing and so need to be reassured by reading stuff in a book.

They want methodologies, models, vocabulary to use.

Ideally stuff that answers questions like:

"how do I facilitate a meeting effectively?"
"how do I design the governance of a horizontal org?"


Good morning fediverse,
Does any brave soul run the System - ed with Windows 10?

Would you be so kind to share your bootloader-configuration?

I'd like to install Guix on my work laptop but I can't cut myself out of Windows, thanks to waged work :(.

Abbiamo scritto un appello per la decentralizzazione sul fediverso italofono, rivolto agli/le admin di Vogliamo far conoscere la nostra prospettiva sugli attacchi ricevuti e portare avanti la nostra idea di un fediverso decentralizzato e autogestito.
Ringraziamo gli/le utenti che da varie istanze hanno discusso di questo negli scorsi giorni, evidenziando la strumentalitá degli attacchi alla nostra istanza


Cc: @nebbia @gubi @kenobit

#EDPS launches pilot phase of two new social media platforms: #EUVoice and #EUVideo.
Based on decentralised, free, Open-Source & privacy-oriented and, they connect EU institutions with users of the #Fediverse
👉Press Release!8x4DBn

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