🔥 Andrea & @puria will fire up the stage of the #NGIFORUM23, on November 16th, by presenting the new DIDroom solution.

More info ➡️ ngiforum2023.eu/

ℹ️ @EC_NGI is the flagship event of the European Commission's Next Generation Internet initiative. Bringing together some of Europe’s top Internet innovators & aims to build an Internet of trust, giving users more control over their data & digital identity.


Interfacer platform (Fab City
OS) is a federated open source solution promoting circular economy. It maps the lifecycle of a product and supports distributed and collaborative practices. Fair & equitable compensation schemes are implemented.

⚙️ interfacer.dyne.org


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📢 Catch us with Interfacer Platform at Maker Faire Rome

Interfacer Platform is an innovative #openSource solution connecting #Makers, #FabLabs, and #SMEs!

🗓️ October 20>22, 2023
📍 Fiera Di Roma

🔗 makerfairerome.eu/en/exhibitor


Planet dyne is hurling through space, and its inhabitants are relentlessly scouting the networks with the intuition and efficiency of slime mould.


Happy #303day!

Sadly my 303 clone is halfway across Europe, so I've dug out one of my squelchiest #Electro tracks from the vaults.

Originally released for #808day the 303 vibe is pretty strong on this one!

Featuring my beloved Grandstand Talking Computer on vocals and Elektron Model:Samples on drum duties and a beautifully unpredictable analogue delay for
FX. 🔊🎶

Full track can be found at


#DAWless #MyMusic #synths

Technopolitical developers bring a sociological understanding of technology into its development.

They recognise that technologies are never neutral tools. The design, development, ownership and use of such platforms inevitably makes assumptions about how societies (and democracies) work.


#Decidim #Technopolitics

Tune in today at 16:00 CET for the hands-on demonstration of Interfacer, the new digital infrastructure for #fabCities.

🔗 interfacerproject.dyne.org/eve

Video feed will be relayed via @peertube in the Lounge channel of the Dyne @matrix space: matrix.to/#/#dyne:matrix.org 👾

Ho ho ho, we got an online shop!
👉 dyneorg.myspreadshop.it/

Check out our new line of merchandising, #HouseOfDyne 🔥

All proceeds go directly toward supporting our donation campaign, so you can feel good about getting the gear and helping out at the same time 🎅💻🛒✨


Il Coordinamento spettacolo Lombardia ha appena messo in campo l'occupazione del Piccolo Teatro Grassi.
Nella Giornata del Teatro l'azione serve a evidenziare lo stato di totale abbandono in cui, nonostante le promesse e dopo più di un anno di pandemia, continua a versare il mondo dello spettacolo.


"Taypp scappa scappa... Arrivano le donne!".
Questo lo striscione esposto all'Arco della Pace durante l'iniziativa lanciata da Non Una Di Meno Milano e Rete Kurdistan Italia contro l'uscita della Turchia dalla Convenzione di Istanbul sulla sulla prevenzione e la lotta contro la violenza nei confronti delle donne e la violenza domestica.

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