Qualcuno mi può consigliare un'app Android decente (possibilmente FOSS) per speech-to-text?

How to incentivize businesses in your ecosystem to give back to your community

A tip from @webchick: rank businesses in marketplace by contributions (issues fixed not $$)


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Possibly the most frightening talent of the brown bear is an uncanny ability to blend seamlessly into the environment in an almost chameleon-like manner, allowing them to easily surprise their unsuspecting prey.

Qualche admin di un istanza lemmy ne abbiamo qua? Stiamo facendo degli esperimenti, ma abbiamo difficoltà con la federazione!

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@fraying He really went to NPR to talk about how much money he wants to make off the content users give him. 🙄

"Reddit represents one of the largest datasets of just human beings talking about interesting things," Huffman said. "We are not in the business of giving that away for free." npr.org/2023/06/15/1182457366/

@WesternInfidels @futurebird Reminds me of this very similar concept of doing little dances to skip commercials. It was patented in 2009 and is dystopian as heck: snopes.com/fact-check/sony-pat

Addio, kavaliere. Se proprio proprio dobbiamo ricordarlo, io lo ricordo così. Volto di un'Italia concentrata su quello che conta... E non tornare cazzo

The workshop "Investigative Tactics To Dismantle Supremacist Cuteness" explores the political-artistic value of cuteness, and aestheticization of violence. Investigative methods and case studies highlight the intertwining of military propaganda, alt-right imagery, and anime aesthetics.
Guided by Noura Tafeche, participants will navigate social media's radicalized ecosystem.
The workshop is part of conference and will take place in , at Studio 1, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Jun 25 11,30 am.
Learn more and register now (limited spots!): dnlb.org/30w1.

Online communities are real communities. People have met future spouses, weathered difficult life events, organized politically, raised money to help each other all through the panoply of social websites.

Often community rules and culture are guided by moderators, who almost always work for free.

Despite all of this we generally accept that these are not the people who own the website or the ones who control its fate.

Over and over this creates heartache and disappointment.

Prendiamoci cura della nostra istanza! Se pensi che una conversazione stia degenerando in un flame o in un loop non costruttivo, intervieni postando una bandierina bianca tra i commenti (la trovi tra le emoticon o con la formula : waving _ white _ flag : senza spazi). Se vedi delle bandierine bianche tra i commenti di una conversazione alla quale stai partecipando, prima di postare nuovamente pensa: per quale motivo sto intervenendo? sto contribuendo in modo costruttivo? sto aggiungendo un nuovo punto di vista?

"You are closer to the street than you will ever be to any billionaire"
Spotted in Edinburgh, Scotland

Heeeeeey pre-orders are open for @debcha's forthcoming book, How Infrastructure Works: Inside the Systems That Shape Our World.

It's going to be SO GREAT.


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NEW POST: Open data allows us all to be better informed, but may expose information that people would prefer to keep private. Katharine Jarmul describes some Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) that mitigate this conflict.


The global community of users should be directing how the web develops, not a single corporate monopoly. Read how Google's deprecation of #JPEGXL highlights this worrying trend: u.fsf.org/3z9

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