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Love this. Hindustan se mera seedha rishta hai, tum kaun ho be?

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sirf hungama khada karna mera maksad nahi, apni koshish hai ki yeh surat badalni chaahiye...

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People’s Climate Report (PCR) is designed to offer a perspective on climate change from the bottom up

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Happy republic day India, and happy birthday Angela Davis!

Nervously excited to share this publication on and IPV in the forthcoming issue of
Freely accessible for the next few weeks at:

Interesting and telling that we’re still asking this question in 2020. “where are the women in academia, and how do those who are there fare? “ powerful editorial in the International Journal of Constitutional Law

DIY abortions three times as prevalent in Texas as other states, study shows

Making abortion illegal does not stop abortions.
It only stops safe abortions.

He is anti-national now? I want to see them boycott windows and Microsoft office now. 😂 There is no meaning in boycotting pirated software. 😂
Asked Microsoft CEO @satyanadella about India's new Citizenship Act. "I think what is happening is sad... It's just bad.... I would love to see a Bangladeshi immigrant who comes to India and creates the next unicorn in India or becomes the next CEO of…

Envoys representing several countries will visit J&K today. They should cancel their visit. When representatives of the people of India are not allowed to visit, is it appropriate for embassies to accept the government’s distasteful invitation to a stage-managed event?

That Hinduism versus Hindutva forward that’s being shared, don’t understand why everyone is sharing it as a great progressive statement. It’s regressive and succeeds in painting an us versus them situation. Not to mention the nuances it misses. 🤦🏽‍♀️

The Modi-Shah Govt’s anti people, anti labour policies have created catastrophic unemployment & are weakening our PSUs to justify their sale to Modi’s crony capitalist friends.

Today, over 25 crore 🇮🇳workers have called for #BharatBandh2020 in protest.

I salute them.

RT @Ilhan
The blackout in Kashmir is now the longest internet shutdown ever imposed in a democracy.

It is part of a terrifying trend under the Modi government--including an anti-Muslim citizenship law and a purge of Muslim citizens in Assam.

All who value democracy should be speaking up.

Love this. Hindustan se mera seedha rishta hai, tum kaun ho be?

I am participating in this All India strike in solidarity with our students and women in their fight against the draconian #CAA_NRC_NPR

We will resist all efforts of this communal fascist Government to divide our society and subjugate us!

We shall overcome and we will win ✊

Let's remind Mr. BJP President, the Full time election campaigner and part time home minister of india that it's a democracy. And people decide their good. And public opinion matters.

Union home minister Amit Shah on Tuesday called Narendra Modi a decisive administrator and said the Prime Minister does not take decisions based on public perception or to please people. He said that Modi takes decisions for the people’s good.


While I appreciate 's gesture, but I would urge people to expend their energies n resources in supporting the fight of students and anti CAA protesters. They need them the most.

I am sure Deepika can ensure success of #Chappak through her great acting skills.

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