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Request for Volunteers.

They are needed for the rally at Jantar Mantar, demanding the full implementation of the Forest Rights Act.
While some are needed on the morning of the rally i.e. 21st nov, other volunteers are needed on the night of the 20th to help escort the participants to the designated places for lodging.
Please DM if you want to volunteer for this.

So, #chile is preparing to go through a process to vote twice to get a new constitution. In April 2020 there's a vote on if the old constitution should go and if so, who should draft the new one. Then in October 2020, the newly drafted constitution will have to be ratified by another national vote.

please use Thanksgiving as a day of education and a moment to help function as a decolonizational tool when speaking with your families, your parents, your children, cousins, nieces, nephews etc. And I just want to say that children are never too young to learn of the nature of the world they are in, and the true history of this nation and the role their ancestors played.

@smeedha Because veganism is right, and we are realizing that more every day. But that means our current lifestyle is wrong, and nobody likes being told they are doing something wrong.

Especially us men, we are really sensitive about that kind of critique. Such thick skin, right?

Men think women want apologies when what we really want is for them to be better and act better.

An apology doesn't mean anything if the actions remain the same, that's a common tactic abusers use.

Here are some things you may have heard from people around you if you have decided to not get married or not have children. Also, some possible responses. #idlethreads

As promised, here is my #thread on #Mastodon on popular demand.

I am trying my best to talk on layman language, avoiding too much of technical jargons, so that I can tell you what is this new social media service, how to join, choice of apps, etc.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

Graphic novel is such an edgy term for comic book.

I always make sure to say “cow’s milk”, not “regular milk”, when telling customers our milk options

**Venice floods: St Mark's Square reopens but city on 'red alert'**

"Tourists and residents were allowed back into the flooded St Mark's Square on Saturday. Water levels have not subsided and the highest possible weather warning has been issued for Sunday."

#news #bot

damn it. pyaasa songs are the best. Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye toh kya hai. Sahir at his best.

I don't know if this take is unpopular or not but the disgusting behaviour, vile abusive comments and threatening behaviour on social media is indicative of the rot in society.

Some people like to pretend that because its social media, its not real and that it doesn't count. They're only fooling themselves.

@smeedha I second that. A friend of mine was arguing with me about what a stupid stunt odd-even was, of course, because he was affected by it. However, I believed that even if there was a reduction of 5-12% in the levels of pollution, why not continue it, at least till the time the AQI levels are this bad.

Google assistant: In today’s international news: Iran 🇮🇷 Bolivia 🇧🇴 Chile 🇨🇱 Hong Kong 🇭🇰 protesting for better future and freedom. USA 🇺🇸 impeaching their unconstitutional president.
Meanwhile India 🇮🇳 Temples ⛳️ Big boss 📺 no air don’t care 😷 #shame

1. Okay, here is a brief thread on Chile. As you know, there have been widespread protests in recent days, driven primarily by economic inequality (Chile is one of the most unequal countries in the world). Counter-intuitively, at the root of this inequality is the Chilean Constitution. The Constitution was drafted in 1980, as part of a transition from military to civil rule.

A British Ad which very well defines what is happening in India.

New country, new time zone, new life (again), but the trip is not yet finished!

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