I get right to the point in my newest article: the extreme weather events of 2023 are nothing compared to what's coming. At least 1B people will die this century from climate change, and another 2B will be displaced. This is the CALM BEFORE THE STORM. 😥


Friends: I'll be on Bluesky more than I'll be on Mastodon. Same handle (xriskology). Hope to see you there. <3


Want to help create a collective vision of resistance to the elitist domination of the future?

Join us 26 Sept at Acud Macht Neu in Berlin for "Trolling AI Doomerism & Longtermism" meetup.

Philosopher and scholar Emile P. Torres (@xriskology) will lead the debate.

Learn more and secure your spot now: dnlb.org/ai

‘Before It’s Too Late, Buddy’

This is what happens when you spend two years unmasking a well-funded Silicon Valley “apocalypse cult.”

by @xriskology

"This scenario is eerily similar to what Yudkowsky is advocating: military actions that could cause a genocidal nuclear catastrophe, if necessary to keep the techno-utopian dream alive."

#TESCREAL #Longtermism #EA #EffectiveAltruism #Yudkowsky #AGI #AGIPanic #ExistentialRisk #Bostrom #Häggström #Musk #SiliconValley


"This is a Code Red Warning about TESCREALism. If Yudkowsky's words are taken seriously by our political leaders, or perhaps some lone wolves, we should be extremely worried about the harms that could result. Over and over again, history shows that the march to utopia can leave a trail of destruction in its wake. If the ends can justify the means, and the end is paradise, then what exactly is off the table for protecting and preserving this end?"
-- @xriskology


Lucid, clear explanation (as is usual from @xriskology) of the grave risk posed by utopians with power & money:

1. #Utopian visions are inherently self-rationalizing. Their revolutions can never fail, they can only *be* failed.

2. #Utopianism is more or less always exclusionary. "If the Christian heaven were to include atheists, for instance, it wouldn't be heaven."

#TESCREAL #EffectiveAltruism #EffectiveAccelerationism #AGI

In case you missed it, here's my interview with the inimitable Monika Bielskyte about techno-utopian fantasies! salon.com/2023/07/29/visions-h

Why Effective Altruism and “Longtermism” Are Toxic Ideologies ❧ Current Affairs

>Intellectual historian Émile P. Torres @xriskology explains how Silicon Valley’s favorite ideas for changing the world for the better actually threaten to make it much, much worse.

#HumanExtinction #Extinction #Ethics #Annihilation #TESCREAL #longtermism #effectivealtruism
@philosophy @ethics

Later today @xriskology and @timnitGebru will present and take questions on this creepy Silicon Valley ideology they characterise as "TESCREAL" truthdig.com/events/race-to-cr

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Hello friends! Yesterday, my book on the history of thinking about human extinction was finally released!! To celebrate, I wrote a 20k-word précis, or summary, of the entire manuscript, which I've posted on Medium. If you wanna know what I argue and why, check this out! (And yes, that's how I "celebrate," lol.)


"I take climate reparations to be a reconstruction of our global system in the direction of serving people rather than portfolios, and broadly distributing the costs of that project toward the richer countries and big emitters."
read from:

#climate #climatechange #reparations #climatereparations #water #ecology #economy #drought #globalsouth #climatedebt


Sorry, I really should have said "content warning." Friends -- if you think I need to add this, I'll delete and repost, making clear that it's really very hateful. Genuine apologies that I didn't think of this initially. 😕

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Twitter's going just great. The 41% is, of course, a reference to the percentage of trans people who try to commit suicide.

I'll post a thread about this tomorrow. For now, here's my latest for Salon. It's an interview with the fascinating and insightful Dr. Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò about climate reparations, a topic I'm increasingly passionate about. Let me know what you think below!


New sweater. :-) Happy holidays to everyone, by the way. I hope you all are well, and having a lovely time with friends and family.

I'm alone here in Germany, so it's as if there's no holiday at all. :-/ Nothing else to do but wander into the office and work. At least I have a new sweater (for 4 Euros -- a deal!).

Only three classes left after today in my course “The Ethics of Human Extinction.” It’s been an absolute blast, and I can’t wait for my book on the topic to finally be published! (Should be within a couple months.)

Earlier today Elon Musk said that my ban was temporary, 45 min later he denied my appeal to reinstate my account and confirmed that I am *permanently* banned. The email I just received says the decision cannot be reversed.
I have never once violated Twitters rules or terms of service. I’ve never had a single tweet flagged, my account was permanently banned with no warning and with no reason, after I reached out to Musk for comment.
#twittermigration #twitterexodus #twitter #tech #news #technews

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