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easy books teach you nothing, they just relabel what you already know

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solo per ricordarvi 100gr di caco maturo + 10gr di cacao amaro in polvere, frulla, versa in bicchierini, frigo.


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There are cities I have loved living in, for a time, big cities. But in truth I have never believed in cities. Cities are fragile, built atop the most precarious assumption that the environmental conditions & resources that saw them bloom will remain in supply. Cities are not built for the future they themselves have wrought, and are proving too vast, static and immutable to adapt at anywhere near the pace they must to persist. The future of so many cities is husks of concrete, copper & plastic

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London traffic analysis from real data:
- city traffic state depends on car speed on thousands of streets;
- speeds are averaged on each street during 1h intervals;
- from speed we obtain an approximate car density and thus car flow vectors;
- we define a regular grid (1km side) over the city and sum flow vectors within each cells (right figure);
- each day we have a city trajectory with 24 points;
- to plot trajectories in 2D we use a PCA to perform dimensionality reduction (left fig).

Given another unknown traffic state, it's quite easy to classify it and to forecast what's going to happen next. Notice how different weekends are from workdays.

ps: numbers in trajectories are hours of the day

Confusion is a word we have invented for an order
which is not understood.
-Henry Miller, "Interlude,"
Tropic of Capricorn

A few years ago I was sure that 3D printing was about to trasform our economy transferring production from china to our homes. Today all I see is people 3D printing ugly little statues.
It's like using lasers only as whiteboard pointers.

Marino Sinibaldi sulla crisi della sinistra in Italia e nel mondo. E sarà un caso, ma inizia il pezzo citando l'eccidio di Buggerru e il fallito sciopero generale del 2021...

London traffic at 8AM and at 7PM: average car flow direction. Morning hours behave attractively whereas at the end of the working day it's definitely repulsive.

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This morning I was on a hilltop over a little town (Buggerru) and somebody along the main road was shouting to vote for the fascist party. I screamed without thinking "MA STAI ZITTO!". When we descended for lunch I discovered that he was just a disabled crazy guy... 😄

Buggerru is well known because there happened the first labor strike in Italy by the local miners against inhuman conditions by the French/Belgian owners.

Ironically, during fascism, miner conditions improved quite a bit.

An excellent article on lightining effects on the human body both immediately after the strike and long term. Spoiler, 10% mortality rate, but very serious long term neurological effects. Also, why trees explode and humans do not.

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There is a danger in having a large following on social media, whether it’s on here or birdsite.

People expect more from you, you have to be right always, you are tagged in conversations about you that aren’t meant to involve you(sub-toots, sometimes rly mean), you lose the ability to have casual conversations, your words are scrutinized and used against you.
People assume you’re too big to get hurt, that you can take more abuse, which is... ridiculous.

We’re all humans behind keyboards...

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