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easy books teach you nothing, they just relabel what you already know

international repair day n.2: fixed the induction cooker and installed the fence.

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today I fixed the front grille of a 2003 Land Cruiser, polished its headlights with toothpaste, fixed the seat belt latches. then I tried to mow the lawn, it didn't start, so I had to open the engine, test the spark plug and clean the carburetor.

tomorrow I'll have to fix the Bosch induction cooker that's been acting up for a while and install the new fence near the main gate.

in the countryside it's more like a

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even now, i feel like using a touch screen makes me feel like, a bit stupid. still feels a bit like i'm using some kiosk at an airport. pressing actual buttons or keys makes me feel like i'm operating a sophisticated piece of technology, but touch screens still feel like i'm a baby who thinks he can touch the cartoon characters through on the TV screen

Sardinia, tonight, minimum temperature: 7.3C, it really feels like autumn this time

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Bottled water cost is astounding when you think of how much you’re paying for production and distribution compared to the water itself. It’s even more shocking when you consider the detrimental effects it has on the environment

HALF the surface of world rooftops covered with photovoltaic panels would be enough to produce the same energy we consume today:

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today I tried a Tesla model 3 for the first time. the acceleration is not just incredible, it's just too much. it remebers me of a DC9/MD80 taking off...

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Le chiacchiere sul nucleare
Nicola Armaroli

"Un reattore non si accende e spe-
gne come un phon."

"il nucleare può essere un di-
vertente argomento di discussione tra amici, nei
forum o al bar. Ma è e resterà sempre un argo-
mento totalmente irrilevante per le prospettive
concrete di transizione energetica da qui al 2050"

Lorenz, un cane molto meno saggio di quanto potesse sembrare.

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Why do higher-order interactions promise to be a fundamental tool for the further theoretical development of #networkscience?

Read our article on the new paper in by & of (among others).



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Finally, on the arXiv! This is a collection of writings in the border region between physics and the social sciences stitched together by a heroic effort of


10K samples of commuter home (red)-office(blue) pairs from census data for the greater area

divergent paths:
each time a version of comes out you expect new features defending your privacy, every time updates, you expect a new feature spying on you

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